Project and
Programme Management

Successful organisations depend on the delivery of projects and programmes – either as part of their delivery business or to achieve a greater vision. Getting project and programme management wrong often means poor performance, wasted investment and unrealised ambition. Worse still outcomes may be implemented that are detrimental to your organisation.

“Project management is the process by which projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the agreed benefits are realised”

“Programme Management is the co-ordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a portfolio of projects and activities that together achieve outcomes and realise benefits that are of strategic importance”

In some cases an organisation may be faced with delivering a project or programme but may be unsure of the practical steps to realise the objectives, in other cases an organisation with in-house capabilities may be faced with a new challenge outside its core delivery capability. In both cases Concept Gemini will work in partnership with you and the project team to assess the viability of the project, identify and address the risks, establish clear objectives and determine the right strategy for achieving the objectives. We will continuously monitor each stage ensuring that you remain in control.

We can all recognise projects or programmes which have concluded with poor outcomes. Cost overruns, poorly specified end products which lead to breakdowns at the employee interface or works that have seemingly delivered nothing at all are all examples of where a lack of effective project or programme management has meant that corporate goals have not been realised.

Our approach – fulfilling corporate goals

Concept Gemini is able to help clients consistently fulfil their corporate goals because we have:

  • a holistic approach to strategic planning and portfolio management which means that we can spot the problem areas and help you address them
  • use of proven industry techniques and experience to focus on the factors that make the real difference
  • an ‘empowerment’ approach which brings the stakeholders into the planning process and hence build commitment
  • a proven track record of helping clients to ensure that the actions they take turn their ambition into reality
  • worked with some of the UK’s leading blue chip organisations.

We recognise that each project or programme requires a tailored solution and no one approach will achieve the optimum outcome. Our strengths lie in our innovative and collaborative approach, identifying the appropriate methodology and deploying it in the most effective manner to achieve our Client’s ambition.

Our expertise and capability – exceeding expectation

Concept Gemini has the technical skills, practical experience and commercial awareness to deliver the highest standards of service. We have direct experience of managing a wide variety of projects from inception right through to operation. We have proven our ability to meet demanding cost, time and performance objectives working for Clients within some of the most demanding sectors.