Case Study 4

Contract : Definition of installation process on live mobile phone network

Client : Major worldwide mobile telecoms infrastructure provider

Project : For our Client, a major worldwide telecoms infrastructure provider, continued installation of microwave transmission links was crucial for delivery of a major efficiency project. Whilst our Client had an implementation strategy involving a parallel installation of the new equipment adjacent to the existing (a so called cold cutover), it was clear that on some sites this would not work. In some cases these issues were due to commercial factors but, more often it was physically impossible to install the new apparatus. Working in close connection with the Client and a team employed by our superior Client (a major UK telecoms provider), Concept Gemini was able to define and agree a process for hot cutovers on the live telecoms network with no discernable effect on the customer experience. As a result our Client was able to progress sites which had previously been considered unsuitable.

Definition of the process required detailed definition of work stages as well as considerable use of rollback planning methods defining the steps that each party should take in the event of a stage failure. Our process was successfully implemented at a time when the UK telecoms operator was particularly sensitive to network disruption and was successfully used in areas which carried high levels of traffic and hence revenue.

Our role – Business Operations Consulting : Unable to progress installation using existing methods, our Client was faced with costly and time-consuming redesign. Working closely with the superior Client, we observed and recorded the risks and issues and added our in-depth understanding to construct a new end-to-end process which was subsequently successfully tested and approved by the superior Client. We were then able to manage the deployment of links on sites considered out of reach whilst also avoiding expensive abortive design costs, not only for the affected site but for other dependant sites on the associated ring. Following successful trial implementation on the live network, our Client was able to roll out the process on a national basis maximising benefit across the entire project.

Client Benefits : As a result of the introduction of the new process, we were able to select sites previously considered unsuitable for inclusion into the project. This positively impacted on overall project deliverables, increased the superior Client confidence in the overall project delivery and reduced re-design costs. Projects installed using the defined process were successfully implemented without discernable effect on end-user experience.

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