Case Study 2

Contract : Saving on base transceiver equipment installation

Client : Major UK Mobile Telecoms provider

Project : For our Client, a major UK telecoms provider, a key cost area involves the deployment of mobile telecoms equipment on cell sites. Whilst the growth of new cell sites has tapered off over recent years, mobile operators continue to aggressively upgrade and update equipment to maintain an ever diversifying range of telecommunications services including voice, text and data.

Base transceiver deployment encompasses the collection of equipment from a UK central store, delivery and installation, commissioning and integration of the equipment into the existing network. The commissioning and integration elements are regarded as specialist technical areas of work and because of this our Client had traditionally single-sourced its equipment deployment activities in the UK.

Our role – Commercial Management : Faced with increasing pressure by the telecoms regulator to reduce costs whilst continuing to seek to maintain new and expanding products and services, our Client has come under increased pressure to operate within strict budgetary constraints. Concept Gemini was able to review and assess the equipment deployment marketplace having first assisted our Client with defining minimum quality and capability parameters. Having successfully identified suitable potential Suppliers, we were able to work with the co-operation of our Client to define the service scope and discuss forthcoming deployment plans with the preferred installation service providers to ensure best-fit. Freed from the restrictions of single-sourced procurement we were then able to introduce competition into the market and to competitively tender the works.

Client Benefits : As a result of the introduction of selected credible market competition, the Client was able to reduce deployment costs by 15-20% whilst maintaining current service levels. In some specific areas the cost savings were greater. Additionally the use of two approved contractors has widened the Client’s resource base reducing operational performance and commercial risk year-on-year. To date there has been no loss of quality and the project is running to time.

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