Case Study 1

Contract : Saving on HSPA project

Client: Major UK Mobile Telecoms provider

Project : With an estimated market value of around £1.2 billion, the UK telecoms sector is one in which competition is extremely fierce and where maintaining a corporate distinction is becoming more and more difficult.

All UK Telecoms Operators have struggled to gain market advantage from the 3G licences acquired earlier in the decade but the consumer need for high speed data had required our Client to invest in higher speed data services to address these growing demands.

In order to satisfy the growing data requirement, the telecoms industry launched a protocol called HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) which will eventually provide mobile broadband speeds equivalent to fixed line broadband in the home. HSPA is the power behind advanced mobile services such as e-mail, video streaming and downloading of other data-rich media.

Our role – Commercial Management: Faced with high deployment costs yet still operating within strict budgetary constraints, our client was forced to consider how much market penetration could be made. Concept Gemini was able to review and assess the marketplace and share our deployment plans with other installation providers, moving away from single-sourced traditional installation procurement routes. Freed from this restriction and by introducing quality competition into the marketplace we were then able to competitively tender the works.

Client Benefits : As a result of the introduction of selected credible market competition, we were able to reduce the Client’s deployment costs by 48% whilst maintaining current service levels. To date there has been no loss of quality and the project is running to time.

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