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Business Operations Consulting

Succeeding in today’s rapid-changing marketplace means maintaining efficiency and staying ahead of your competitors. Many businesses are gripped by inefficient processes which evolve due to rapid change, wasting precious time and resources. Managing the processes is harder than it may seem at first - mostly because these processes don't stand alone, but interact with one another. Along with strong project and programme management, leveraging benefit from shared services and enhanced commercial management, overhauling an organisation’s business process can yield competitive benefit. We call it Business Operations Consulting.

Process Transformation

Whether seeking to improve quality, reduce cycle times or lower costs, leading companies are improving business processes today to find competitive advantage. Business process transformation describes a technique that, by helping to analyse and understand the work flows within the organisation, provides opportunities to improve the cost, efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability of the processes.

Concept Gemini’s business process transformation services help clients become high-performance businesses by addressing the key business challenges such as complexity reduction; lean operations; process advancement; strategic cost reduction; and growth through innovation. In turn our clients liberated by the removal of duplication and bottlenecks in their business processes are able to create sustainable commercial advantage through improved operational performance resulting from the removal of mistakes, inefficiencies and delays.

Process driven compliance

Compliance is high on the corporate agenda - with significant investments and often changes necessary in order to comply with various forms of regulation. Concept Gemini’s consultative approach changes the common perception of compliance as a burden to one of opportunity, value and competitive advantage. Our holistic and tailored methodology integrates regulatory requirements into the wider business, delivering efficiency and sustainability by offering greater control, lower risk and reduced costs. End-to-end, process-based approaches and methodologies are leveraged to address key business priorities—such as cost competitiveness, differentiation and growth—by identifying and improving the key processes underlying these issues.

We work alongside clients to:

  • Achieve dramatic and sustainable improvements in quality, waste reduction, cost efficiency, and operating flexibility.
  • Greatly enhance their capacity for organic growth.
  • Enable process speed, faster time-to-market and innovation effectiveness.
  • Develop end-to-end process performance based customer metrics and insights.

One of our unique strengths is embedding these capabilities within organizations, enabling clients to achieve high performance.

Our expertise and capability – focussed on tangible benefit

The true transformation of a process can only be achieved by considering the total breadth of the process, across the entire organisation, or even from supplier to customer. Our staff have managed process change in large organisations for over 15 years. We have direct experience of managing a wide variety of process improvement projects from inception right through to operation.

To see how Concept Gemini has focused on tangible benefit click here.